100% Pure Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Peter's Brew is proud to offer Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee to its exclusive product line of exquisite and exotic roasted coffee!

What is Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee?

Toward the eastern end of the beautiful island of Jamaica runs the majestic range of hills known as the Blue Mountains. At 5,500 feet the land is thickly wooded and maintained as Forest Reserve. Below this line, the terrain, the rainfall pattern, the Blue Mountain mist, and the overall conditions are blessed by God to be perfectly suited for the cultivation of the world's most distinguished and delicious coffee; Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee.

Jamaican coffee has been internationally famous from as far back as the eighteenth century and gained particular prominence in the nineteenth century when many of the natives turned to grow the crops on their own land. Most of those farmers chose the mountains, including the rugged and very steep slopes of the Blue Mountains for planting.

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